Plan Quincy: Working Toward a Better Future

APA Missouri Chapter


Thursday, October 19, 2017
2:15 p.m. - 3:15 p.m. CDT

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Recent national dialogue has centered around the ways accelerated technology change and globalization have benefited a highly-educated workforce in large coastal cities, while leaving middle, working, and low-income households further behind. 

Quincy—once the second largest city in Illinois—is a community rich in historic architecture located along the Mississippi River, and one that is very much grappling with these issues.  Declining manufacturing jobs, an above-average percentage of low-income households, and below average levels of college graduates are among the challenges it faces.  Coupled with the difficulty of explaining how complex economic forces affect individual households, many communities are at risk of investing scarce resources in uncoordinated or unrewarding ways.  

Recognizing this, Quincy’s mayor, along with a task force of 180 highly-motivated citizens, committed to undertaking a strategic plan in 2017 to improve the city’s economy, focusing on rational investments and actions that can lead to greater prosperity for its citizenry. 


What assets can the community build upon?  How can Quincy simultaneously attract more university graduates while providing better opportunities for everyone else?  What current trends in the economy can be harnessed by Quincy?  What lessons and success stories can be gleaned from other small, Midwestern towns?  Can local communities convey economic and planning concepts to its citizenry in ways that lead to informed policy?   These issues and others will be explored in this session.  


Charles Bevelheimer, AICP

Invited Speaker


Maggie Strong

Invited Speaker

Maggie E. Strong is a community development and marketing consultant, and owner of meSTRONG inc. A former economic development vice president and marketing executive, Strong has 15 years of experience in community development and strategic marketing and communications. She acted as the local facilitator and communications consultant for the City ... Read More

Matthew Wetli

Invited Speaker

Julie Cooper

Invited Speaker

Julie is an associate at Development Strategies, where she provides market-based real estate, economic, and community development strategies for a variety of public, private, non-profit, and institutional clients. Her focus is on helping clients align their internal goals and objectives with market opportunities in order to identify and implement strategies ... Read More

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