2018 National Planning Conference

Dynamic Innovation: The City-Region Partnership

Saturday, April 21, 2018 from 10:45 a.m. - noon CDT

CM | 1.25

Activity Type: Educational Sessions

Activity ID: NPC188073

Location: R08

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  • Best practices for how to create and sustain collaboration between local and regional planning authorities through the provision of targeted technical assistance
  • Strategic approaches to solidify partnerships between local and regional planning agencies
  • How to access customized resources for technical assistance through interactive and diverse delivery platforms


The Metropolitan Council and the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission have revolutionized regional planning into a dynamic and innovative partnership with local communities through tailor-made technical assistance that embeds partnership-building practices that produce shared policy outcomes. To reinvent the city-region partnership, the Metropolitan Council, the regional planning agency of the Twin Cities in Minnesota, launched a pioneering comprehensive planning guide that customizes technical assistance for all 188 jurisdictions in the region. This interactive platform includes a multi-format training program called PlanIt that encapsulates fundamentals as well as value-added planning. The City of Ramsey is one of the communities that helped shape and modernize these individualized resources, illustrating the success of the city-region partnership. The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, a voluntary association of local governments in the Columbus, Ohio, region, has piloted several programs in recent years to inform, engage, and support its member communities’ planning efforts. Learn about insight2050, sustainable2050, and a variety of other transportation-safety analyses that have equipped communities, such as the City of Westerville, with the necessary resources to ensure a high quality of life and a competitive and sustainable advantage both locally and regionally.

Session Speakers

Jennifer Noll
Westerville, OH

Tim Gladhill, AICP
City of Ramsey
Ramsey, MN

Eric D. Wojchik, AICP
Minneapolis, MN

LisaBeth Barajas
Metropolitan Council
Saint Paul, MN

Kimberly Sharp, AICP
City of Westerville
Westerville, OH