Planning for Beer: Mashing Up Land Use & Community Development

APA Missouri Chapter


Wednesday, October 24, 2018
2:30 p.m. - 5 p.m. CDT

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The mobile workshop excursion to the Torn Label brewery is intended to provide attendees with an overview of the economic development potential for local craft beer breweries and their ability to catalyze and shape markets, the regulatory and policy challenges facing future breweries, and their ability to create engaging and vibrant communities. Space is limited, sign up today! Tour includes bus travel, beer tasting and guides.

If this workshop does not have 20 participants registered on or before October 8, 2018, it may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment.

Cost: $45

The brewing industry in the Kansas City area has seen an enormous expansion in the past several years. This session will discuss the modern history of brewing in the Kansas City area and an overview of craft brewing in the metro area today.

The benefits of the craft brewing industry will be discussed as it relates to revitalization and redevelopment of districts and the economic impact it can have on districts and regions. The effects that craft breweries can have on communities in terms of job creation, sense of community, and tourism will be discussed.

The expansion of the brewing industry in the Kansas City metro has been concentrated in just a few areas, often far from where craft beer drinkers live. The reasons for this concentration of the industry will be discussed for three locations around the metro area including North Kansas City, MO, Kansas City, MO, and in Johnson County. Representatives from each of these areas will talk about their specific experiences from those areas from perspective of brewery owners and city staff.

A tour of Torn Label's brewing facility will also be provided alongside a sampling of their beers.


Jay Aber

Confirmed Speaker


Rafi Chaudry

Confirmed Speaker

CEO, Torn Label Brewing Co., Kansas City, MO Rafi is one of the original founders and current CEO of Torn Label Brewing Company. Under his leadership, the brewery has seen a quick growth to become one of the largest and most highly rated breweries in Kansas City and the region ... Read More

Bryan Robinson, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Bryan is a lead planner and urban strategist for WSP USA with over 16 years of experience in architecture, urban design, planning, and economic development in the Midwest and South, and he is passionate about equity, sustainability, placemaking, and urban design. Bryan’s work centers on the design, programming, tools ... Read More

Sara Copeland, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Sara Copeland, AICP is the Community Development Director for the City of North Kansas City, MO where she manages long-range planning and redevelopment. Her plan implementation efforts have included infrastructure construction, ordinance amendments, and development projects; one demonstration project won a 2018 Missouri Municipal League Innovation Award. Her background includes ... Read More

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