Whose Sidewalks? Our Sidewalks! How to Make Sure Emerging Tech Serves –– Rather Than Hinders –– All People Who Walk

APA California Chapter, Northern Section


Thursday, October 18, 2018
11 a.m. - noon PDT

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Discussions about technology are often associated with progress, embracing the future, and youth, while the concerns of seniors and people with disabilities around accessible and safe sidewalks and public spaces are often interpreted as cranky old people complaining, or about the needs of a very small group with special needs. Having a discussion about emerging tech that includes the perspective of seniors and people with disabilities will add a new facet to the very loud conversations our state and our nation has been having over emerging technologies. Our panelists will feature voices from the disabled and older adult populations–– two populations often overlooked in pedestrian advocacy, in transportation planning, and often in discussions of transportation equity, which tends to focus on race/ethnicity and income--as well as women leading policy decisions in influential pedestrian advocacy organizations in major California cities to round out the mostly white-male rhetoric about how technology can fix our transportation challenges--rhetoric which often relies heavily on science rather than the lived experiences of, knowledge of, and impact on marginalized peoples.


Emilia Crotty

Emilia is Executive Director, Los Angeles Walks

Cathy DeLuca

Cathy is with Housing Rights & Immigration Specialist, Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc. Read More

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Jaime Fearer, jaime@californiawalks.org