Federal Tools to Address Water Issues

APA Missouri Chapter


Wednesday, October 24, 2018
1 p.m. - 2:15 p.m. CDT

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The federal government has numerous programs to assist communities with water resource planing  Hear from the US. Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA about how you can work with them to leverage federal funding to assist your communities.

"FEMA: Flooding is the number 1 natural  faced by all communities across America costing over $$7.96 Billion in damages/year (NOAA); however the disruption and damages from flooding can be reduced by implementing various mitigation techniques.  The objectives for this session are: 1. provide participants with a fundamental knowledge of the National Flood Insurance program and the requirements for maintaining good standing; 2. Provide participants with various techniques and opportunities for mitigating the flood threat; and 3. basic knowledge of NFIP Policy, NFIP costs, claim coverages, and mitigation techniques.   US Corps of Engineers: The Corps of Engineers possesses a variety of resources available for the use of water resource planning. The Kansas City District has a history of building partnerships with stakeholders in Kansas and Missouri for the purpose of planning, initiating, and constructing water resource projects. The Corps is one of the few agencies that has the network, expertise, and funding to supply a multitude of water resource planning from a national, regional, and local perspective. Our dynamic flexibility enables us to take a comprehensive approach to water resourcing beginning at the point of source, working all the way to approaching issues at the watershed level.
The intent of this presentation will be to highlight the tools that the Corps of Engineers has available for local municipalities, counties, and state agencies. We will begin by addressing water resource issues that are on the horizon. The next segment will lead into the available tools that the Corps has available to study and build projects in conjunction with the non-Federal sponsor. Lastly, we will highlight the need for regional collaboration along watershed boundaries, pointing out that the Corps has the capacity to take a lead role in facilitating partnerships of this nature.


Kaely Megaro, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Kaely Megaro is a federal water resources planner with 9 years of planning, project management, and stakeholder engagement experience. Read More

John Lunn, AICP Candidate

Confirmed Speaker

John Lunn works as a Community Planner for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Read More

Christopher Parsons

Confirmed Speaker

Chris Parsons has 13 years of experience working with FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program with both the Write Your Own Program and the NFIP Direct Servicing Agent/Special Direct Facility. He now serves as the FEMA Region VII Insurance Program Specialist. He has a Master's of Business ... Read More

Todd Tucker, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Todd C. Tucker, AICP, is a Natural Hazard Program Specialist / Floodplain Management Crew Lead with FEMA Region VII, Kansas City. His professional experience includes eight years with FEMA focused on Floodplain Management, Substantial Damage determinations, and Hazard Mitigation Planning; and 15 years as a professional Land Use Planner specializing in ... Read More

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