Planning for Implementation: Economic Development and Zoning as Building Blocks for Effective Site Planning

APA Ohio Miami Valley Section


Friday, December 7, 2018
1:15 p.m. - 2:45 p.m. EST

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Our presentation will focus on two key objectives: (1) exploring how best to structure a site planning process so that the end product is both achievable and responsive to the market and community input and (2) assessing how throughout any site planning process zoning and land use regulations should not be overlooked. In exploring these objectives, we will draw from our experiences working on a team that was charged with crafting a site plan for the Forest Park site in Harrison Township, Ohio.

With respect to structuring a site planning process that is achievable and responsive, the presenters will discuss the “demand discovery” approach to development which focuses on engaging stakeholders early in the planning process to identify what is desirable and achievable. Drawing upon the Forest Park Plan, Joe will discuss concepts such as providing the “missing middle” in terms of housing stock as well as the importance of identifying the anchor for any new development.

Building upon the study recommendations, the presentation will shift to discussion of the significant gap between the desired development forms and the existing land use regulations in the Township. This portion of the presentation will highlight the importance of assessing whether development goals can actually be carried out under existing land use regulations. The presenters will proceed to discuss specific examples of key study objectives and the land use regulations that they proposed be put in place to achieve those objectives.


Donnie Warner

Invited Speaker

The common thread throughout Donnie’s career has been community development and engagement. Prior to joining Calfee Zoning, Donnie worked for the City of Covington, Kentucky where he focused on the intersection between economic development and land use and planning. His work in Covington included identifying and implementing strategies to ... Read More

Joe Nickol

Invited Speaker

Joe grew up in a small, western resort town. The first city he lived in was not until after high school in Rome, Italy, where he learned the power of walkable neighborhoods, active streets and public spaces, and smartly adapted buildings and neighborhoods. He later settled with his wife in ... Read More

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