Coded Language – How Our Words are Perceived and How to Translate Our Intentions

APA Ohio Miami Valley Section


Friday, December 7, 2018
1:15 p.m. - 2:45 p.m. EST

CM | 1.50

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Speaking the same language is essential for effective communication. “Coded Language” is an interactive session about how what we say can get lost in translation. This session is facilitated by a community organizer, an urban planner, and an architect with varying experience at different levels of community development and planning. Facilitators will guide participants through scenarios and exercises that will lead participants to gain a deeper understanding of common terms used in community and urban development.

This session is ideal for everyone who cares about community and urban planning and wants to have a better understanding of how to work with those from different backgrounds. Oftentimes, the intentions we set are well and sincere but the impact of our words can be misunderstood. Participants will have the opportunity to unpack word associations and discuss with the other audience members. We will examine word connotations and learn how to identify, prevent, and address miscommunication with target audiences. Participants will walk away from this session with a heightened awareness of language and better prepared to authentically engage with the communities and the general public. 


Jasmine Humphries

Invited Speaker

Jasmine C. Humphries helps build communities from the inside-out and outside-in. Her work ranges from teaching yoga, youth leadership development, to urban planning advocacy and education. She currently works as a Community Engagement Specialist for the Community Police Partnering Center where she works with community members to start neighborhood youth ... Read More

Alexandria Barnes

Invited Speaker

Alexandria Barnes is co-founder of ViBE Workshop and works as a Development Project Associate for The Community Builders (TCB). There, she is responsible for assisting development project managers throughout the Midwest Region in performing the tasks necessary to successfully bring development projects from inception to completion. Prior to TCB, Barnes ... Read More

Bradley Cooper

Invited Speaker

Bradley Cooper is a designer working the broad spectrum of architecture. As a 2015 People’s Liberty Haile Fellow, his project, Start Small, explored affordable housing through tiny living, according to regulations. That project led to the development of two small homes under construction. While Start Small continues, he is ... Read More

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