Calming Down the Neighborhood with Effective Traffic Calming Solutions

APA Ohio Miami Valley Section


Friday, December 7, 2018
3 p.m. - 4:15 p.m. EST

CM | 1.25

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This session will discuss traffic calming strategies in the context of both a residential street turned thoroughfare and traditional arterial corridor setting.  The goal of the session is to provide hands-on tips for dealing with traffic safety, operational concerns, and real (or perceived) traffic calming issues.  The session will also demystify what traffic calming techniques truly work.  In addition, the  presentation will address approaches to implementing traffic calming solutions through amendments to your codified ordinances, subdivision regulations and adoption of a traffic calming device policy and a residential neighborhood traffic calming program.

 Residential Street Scenario

  • Issue – Speeding/Cut-Through Traffic
    • Stop Signs
    • Roundabouts
    • Traffic Calming
      • Speed humps/speed tables/raised crosswalks/raised intersections
      • Roadway width reduction – bumpouts, raised medians, chicanes, on-street parking, etc.
      • Traffic diversion – Street closure
      • Drainage concerns

 Collector/Arterial Corridor Scenario

  • Issue – Speeding
    • Stop Signs
    • Speed Limit Reductions
  • Issue – Unsafe School Zones
    • School Speed Limit Signs
      • Limits per Ohio Revised Code
      • School Zone Extensions
    • School Crossings
    • Crossing guards
    • Enforcement
  • Issue – Inadequate Pedestrian Facilities
    • Sidewalk
    • Curb Ramps
    • ADA Considerations
  • Issue – Congestion/Traffic is too heavy to turn out of my driveway or street
    • Traffic Signals
    • Roundabouts
  • Issue – Unsafe Pedestrian Crossings
    • Crosswalk Signs and Markings
    • Flashing Beacons
    • Refuge Islands
    • Traffic Signals
    • Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons (HAWK Signal)
    • At Traffic Signal – Leading Pedestrian Interval
  • Issue – Poor sight distance from side road or driveway
    • Remove Obstruction
    • Reduce Speed Limit
    • Prohibit Turning Movement
    • Warning Signs
  • Issue – Crash Patterns
    • Safety Study
    • Road Safety Audit

 Traffic Calming Implementation & Public Education

  • Traffic Calming Design Guidelines (Codified Ordinances & Subdivision Regulations)
  • Traffic Calming Device Policy
  • Residential Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program

Public Engagement (Examples of Pro-Active Municipal / Township Website Content)


Jay Stewart

Invited Speaker

Jay brings a diverse background to this presentation which includes planning experience in both local government and private consulting over the past 27 years. Jay currently manages the Landscape Architecture & Planning Group for the Kleingers Group where he works for a wide variety of public sector clients. Primary areas of ... Read More

Mark Nolt

Invited Speaker

Mark brings 25 years of hands-on traffic engineering experience to this presentation. Mark currently leads the traffic engineering group for The Kleingers Group where he and his team work on a wide variety of traffic studies and multi-modal traffic design projects throughout Ohio. Mark is currently working on Kleingers’ fourth ... Read More

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