Trail-Oriented Development

APA Missouri Chapter


Friday, October 26, 2018
9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. CDT

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As trail networks become priorities for American cities, developers are responding to increased interest from communities by building projects adjacent to pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. This development pattern, 'trail-oriented development', leverages investments in bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure to offer more physically active and environmentally sustainable transportation choices. Similar to its public transportation counterpart, transit-oriented development, trail-oriented development offers a new opportunity for cities to leverage large mobility investments for adjacent developments, strengthening municipal finances, and improved livability. By strategically aligning a communities zoning and bike/ped design standards, communities and trail riders can enjoy the benefits of people-friendly design. The session will outline the land use practices and active transportation design standards to consider when encouraging Trail-Oriented Development. St.Louis' PGAV Planners and Trailnet will talk about their recent work along Grants Trail in the City of Crestwood, Missouri. Additionally, presenters will discuss zoning recommendations and tactical urbanism tools that can be used to communicate the value of land use and trail-oriented development to the community. Objectives: 1. best practices for trail oriented development and active transportation design; 2. zoning recommendations for creating bike/ped friendly communities; 3. Creative placemaking and tactical urbanism strategies in trail-oriented development


Adam Jones, AICP

Adam directs the Planning and Zoning and Economic Development efforts in the City of Crestwood. He also serves as the staff liaison to the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Economic Development Commission and makes recommendations to the City Administrator, Planning and Zoning Commission, and Board of Adjustment regarding zoning ... Read More

Alex Devlin

Alex is a planner with 3 years of experience working with land use, economic development, and transportation. As Bicycle and Pedestrian Planner for Trailnet Alex recently completed a Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan for the City of Florissant, Missouri. Alex has also worked with stakeholders to create a plan for ... Read More

Grace Kyung

Grace Kyung is the Special Projects Director at Trailnet in St. Louis, Missouri and is a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Culture of Health Leader. Grace works as a catalyst in changing how we plan for healthy just communities by working alongside community members to recognize past history and current ... Read More

Jenny Ryan

Jenny brings a passion for improving communities through community building, visioning and strategic planning. She has twenty years of experience in a range of specialties including public engagement, community development, and graphic design. Jenny builds collaborations with clients and develops public-private partnerships.Her background in graphic design and marketing enables ... Read More

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