The “Ama-zoning” of America

APA Ohio Cleveland Section


Friday, November 2, 2018
8:30 a.m. - 10 a.m. EDT

CM | 1.50

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Technology is hastening the disruption of an already overbuilt retail environment. The internet, autonomous vehicles, drones and other emerging technologies are aligning with changing demographics. All these factors are converging on an industry that has often been at odds with good planning practices in the built environment for the past 60 years. Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods, and related industry moves, are harbingers of not just another disruption of the retail industry, but more importantly, a disruption of regional, local, and neighborhood planning. This session will examine how evolving technologies might potentially change the expectations of citizens/consumers in such a way that renders many traditional economic development and planning paradigms ineffective and, eventually, obsolete. The session will explore possible redevelopment and/or rezoning scenarios while exploring the significant potential downside of the shift in the purchase and delivery of goods. Discover what we all need to do in our communities today to capture the economic benefits to our local economies while guarding against the significant calamities that could occur if we are not ready.


Jason Sudy

Jason Sudy is a Principal at OHM Advisors, a community advancement firm of planners, architects and engineers. Jason co-founded the Urban Mobility Research Center, an organization promoting the understanding and analysis of transformative transportation technology. Over 21 years of professional practice, he has pursued a specific interest in the relationship ... Read More

Rick Stein

Rick Stein is a co-founder of the Urban Mobility Research Center, and the Principal and Owner of Urban Decision Group – an urban planning firm with a professional services division that specializes in spatial analytics. Mr. Stein is a certified Urban Planner, whose specialty is the utilization of technology to aid ... Read More

Justin Robbins

Justin Robbins is an AV/CV Transportation Planner HDR, and a co-founder of the Urban Mobility Research Center. Experience in community planning, urban design, and architecture have given Justin an understanding of the physical, spatial, and policy aspects needed to create successful places. Justin’s interests have focused on the ... Read More

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