Street Art as Political Currency

APA California Chapter, Northern Section


Thursday, November 15, 2018
6 p.m. - 8 p.m. PST

CM | 2

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Murals are a powerful form of art that expose us to beauty while oftentimes critiquing political and social conditions.  The act of painting murals often brings people together through a sense of affinity and shared purpose, while at the same time offering challenges to regimes of power, expressing dissent, of simply revealing alternate points of view.  This program is collection of shorts focusing on visual and graphic art in the public realm as a way of expressing and cultivating social capital; and will explore how mural artists around the world are engaged in a practice that provokes and unites


Not With Fire, but with Paint (17 min, MOLLY MANNING WALKER,  2018)

When Wilmer Alcaron fired that bullet into the back of young graffiti artist Diego Felipe Berrera, he did not know the corruption this would uncover within the judiciary system of Colombia.


Painting the Town  (18 min, WILLIAM HIGBIE , 2018)

“Painting the Town” is a short-form documentary film that offers a view upon Detroit’s surging independent movement of street art and graffiti. This once renegade art form - often expressed in massive building-sized murals - depicts subjects, both abstract and whimsical, as well as deeply personal. How is this medium changing the face of Detroit, its popularity, and even its economy? But most of all, how can street art bring people together in ways that never been imagined a few short years ago?


Concrete Canvas (6 min, GEMA CERON & NICOLE RIVERA, 2016)

Public art is integral to the empowerment of urban communities. Artists and city servants come together to explore how urban art grants agency to the disenfranchised.

TDK: The Dream Kontinues (20 min, PENDARVIS HARSHAW, 2014)

Oakland filmmaker Pendarvis Harshaw unfurls the mystery of the prolific muralist whose work is tagged "The Dream" and profiles other members of the "TDK" collective.



Mona Caron, Mural Artist

Robin Abad Ocubillo, SFUFF Producer




Mona Caron

Invited Speaker

Mural Artist

Robin Abad

Invited Speaker


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