Level 1 Storytelling Workshop - Storytelling Basics for Climate Resiliency

APA California Chapter, Northern Section


Sunday, November 18, 2018
1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. PST

CM | 2.50

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This workshop will explore the fundamentals of storytelling - Story, Audience, Message and Style (SAMS) - to create better communication about urban planning projects addressing the challenges of global climate change. By analyzing sample videos created to promote awareness and engagement, participants will learn how to tell impactful stories that educate and empower their audience. Led by filmmaker and video production trainer Keith Battle, this lively lecture and discussion session will encourage participants to go beyond the traditional reports and slide presentations that are typically used in campaign building and embrace the power of video storytelling. Video storytelling as a non-technical, accessible format is an effective communications tool for planners, organizers, and residents to craft actionable campaigns around issues of density, sustainability, and community resiliency as they relate to the increasing pressures of a changing climate.  

SFUFF strongly recommends completing the Level 1 workshop prior to taking the Level 2 workshop.

Keith Battle, Filmmaker and Educator, Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC)
Fay Darmawi, Founder and Executive Producer, SF Urban Film Fest

Opening Remarks:
Sharon Grewal, Director, APA CA-Northern Section


Keith Battle

Invited Speaker

Filmmaker and Educator, Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) Read More

Fay Darmawi

Invited Speaker

Founder and Executive Producer, SF Urban Film Fest

Sharon Grewal

Invited Speaker

Director, APA CA-Northern Section

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Fay Darmawi, faydarmawi@gmail.com