2018 National Planning Conference

The ‘P’ in Planning is CAPITAL

Saturday, April 13, 2019 from 10:45 a.m. - noon PDT

CM | 1.25

Activity Type: Educational Sessions

Activity ID: NPC198178

Location: 2018

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  • Identify how some influential U.S. local governments are leveraging asset management and capital planning to help transform cities and confront pressing issues. .
  • Understand various inputs into the capital planning and budgeting process and their relationships to community revitalization.
  • Examine additional ways that capital planning can be used to advance local planning goals and objectives.


Explore and compare the vital role of capital planning and asset management in helping to implement city planning goals and objectives by comparing current approaches and strategies used by the city of New York, the county of Los Angeles, and the District of Columbia.

While they vary greatly in scale, form, and structure, these three local governments are confronting similar planning challenges. Speakers on this panel outline major challenges each is facing and discuss how various capital planning lenses can help address these pressing issues in new and innovative ways. New York is developing a more informed Ten-Year Capital Strategy and incorporating community inputs into city planning and budgeting. Los Angeles County is exploring revitalization strategies for underused and vacant public properties. D.C. is strengthening links between its Comprehensive Plan and the Capital Improvement Plan.

Hear a unique comparison of three local governments with different organizational, planning, and budget structures; think about how capital budgets contribute to the built environment; and learn about the broad range of inputs to capital budgets, including community needs, and how these inputs can be enhanced and leveraged to achieve local policy outcomes.

Session Speakers

Sarah J. Goldwyn
NYC Department of City Planning
New York, NY

Kelly Quinn
Chief Executive Office, County of Los Angeles
Pasadena, CA

Vikram Viswanathan
NYC Department of City Planning
New York, NY

Sakina Khan
District of Columbia Office of Planning
Washington, D.C, DC

Rogelio A. Flores, AICP
District of Columbia Office of Planning
Washington, DC