On Demand: Building Transportation Equity: Innovations in Practice

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Creating equity in transportation and mobility requires offering education and encouragement programs along with infrastructure and design. Communities that are successful in creating mode shift do more than plan for new bicycle, pedestrian, and transit infrastructure. They also customize outreach and education programs to achieve community awareness, understanding, and support. Identifying a community’s needs through engagement and data collection is key to success. Find out how two multiyear programs in Chicago and Grand Rapids, MI are using innovative approaches to create sustainable programs to reach underserved communities.

The session will present case studies that demonstrate how to:

  • Identify and map the neighborhoods that have high crash or fatality rates
  • Access the most commonly available accident report and demographic data
  • Assess the need for education or encouragement programming
  • Create programming to improve mobility options and reduce crash rates
  • Implement transportation equity successfully

You’ll learn about:

  • The data needed to access and assess community and neighborhood needs
  • How to use crash and survey data to identify the most at-risk populations both demographically and geographically
  • Innovative tools to find the best bicycle educational programs for a community
  • How to create individualized marketing programming for specific neighborhood needs
  • How to develop evaluation tools to measure a program’s success



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