On Demand: Envisioning the City with Automated Vehicles

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The introduction of Automated Vehicle (AV) technology could have more implications for the transportation system and the built environment than any other technology since the automobile. Most industry leaders believe that it is not a question of if AVs will become available, but when and how. It is imperative for planners and policy makers to begin considering how AVs could reshape the built environment to ensure that appropriate policy frameworks and infrastructure investments are in place to maximize the potential benefits and minimize the potential problems.

Hear the results of facilitated sessions at the 2015 Florida Automated Vehicle Summit where planners, engineers, academics, auto industry representatives, and elected officials collaborated to envision the future with automated vehicles. Then identify near and medium-term infrastructure investments and policy decisions that could enable a smooth transition to a transportation system dominated by AVs.

You’ll learn about: 

  • The planning opportunities and challenges associated with the wide-scale adoption of AV technology
  • AV technology's far-reaching implications for the design and functioning of the transportation system and how the technology could reshape the built environment 
  • Ways that planners, engineers, academics, auto manufacturers, and elected officials envision that the adoption of AV technology will impact the transportation system and the built environment of cities


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