Priorities and Strategies for City Design

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CM | 1.25

You'll learn about: 

  • How design approaches to urban problems can provide new and interdisciplinary ways to develop and implement community and urban planning initiatives.
  • Urban planning and design ideas that address large policy objectives while better relating to local neighborhood values and goals.  
  • Strategies to manage and evaluate the public design process to achieve better outcomes and long-term success.
  • How to promote excellence in design to improve the quality of the public realm and the quality of life in diverse contexts.

Urban design has long been a vital part of urban planning, development, and revitalization. It has helped shape the neighborhoods, parks, civic centers, waterfronts, and countless other places that help cities function and articulate their unique identities. Yet physical design has also created some of the negative outcomes that we see in cities across the nation and world. By now planners, the public, and stakeholders in public and private sectors seem to understand that design matters.

Cities face many difficult issues—sustainability, safety and security, resiliency, health, and equity and social justice, among countless others. Learn how different policy, planning, and design disciplines—as well as stakeholders from the public, nonprofit, and private sectors—are working together to understand the role that the design of the city has in helping to address, or at least ameliorate, some of these urban challenges.

This "Public Design Dialogues" session assembles leaders from three of America’s leading cities—New York, San Francisco, and Seattle—to share priorities and strategies for the design of their cities, explore the potential for an inclusive design and planning process, and better inform and shape the vitality and identity of our cities and the public realm.