NOAA Water Resources for Planners

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Certification Maintenance

CM | 1.25

You'll learn:

  • The goals and objectives of the NOAA Water Initiative, and how it can be leveraged to provide more effective information to plan for extreme water events

  • How to identify data, models, tools, and methods from NOAA and its partners that can be employed to plan for water-related issues 

  • The critical role that partnerships play in the implementation of these water-related information resources within communities 

Whether too much, too little, or of poor quality, water presents a severe risk to our health, safety, environment, and economic security.  These issues are a priority for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and its partners as we launch a comprehensive new effort to supply the data, tools, and information services necessary to address the water-related challenges our communities are facing. This session provides an in-depth look into new information resources that will enhance the ability to address water-related issues though community planning. The NOAA Water Model brings an enhanced network of water level gauges to bear, providing timely information to drive water forecasts at a neighborhood scale. The National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) provides the best available science, information and tools to assess the potential impacts of drought.  The Digital Coast is a partnership and user-driven enabling platform that includes information resources for examining coastal inundation risk. Recognizing that the provision of information alone is often not enough to facilitate the development of on-the-ground actions, this session also explores creative partnerships that are helping communities apply information to support local decision making.