Regulating Electronic Message Centers



Tuesday, January 22, 2019, midnight
Saturday, December 31, 2022, midnight CST

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"On-premise" digital signs have proven commercial and community-oriented purposes. However, many communities are relatively unfamiliar with this rapidly evolving technology, and have concerns that these kinds of signs will create aesthetic, safety, and enforcement problems. Nearly all stakeholders struggling with digital signs and their regulation often have the same questions, such as: What really are these digital signs and how do they work? How is electronic technology evolving? Is there any way for the community-at-large to actually benefit from digital signs? How can we strike a balance for the business use or digital signs and the aesthetic concerns of the community? How do we allow digital signs without looking like Las Vegas, or negatively impacting community safety? How do we regulate digital signs in ways that are understandable and enforceable, without having to hire additional staff? This course answers these questions, and provides practical, solution-focused guidance for regulations that leverage digital sign technology while protecting community aesthetic values and safety concerns.



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James Carpentier

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James Carpentier is currently the Director State and local Government Affairs with the International Sign Association. In this capacity James works with and educates local officials and planners in the creation of reasonable and effective sign codes. Prior to that James was the owner of Carpentier Consulting LLC where he specialized in sign variances, entitlements and sign legislation. In addition, James was Director of Government Relations for one of the largest and most respected sign companies in the country. James also has over 25 years' experience as a certified planner in the public and private sectors.