Virtual Reality for Planners 1: Introduction



Friday, March 29, 2019, midnight
Tuesday, December 31, 2024, midnight CST

CM | 0.75

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This four-part virtual reality series will provide an overview of virtual reality and the elements that lead to effective urban design simulations.

This first course introduces virtual reality in the context of urban planning. Learn about the evolution of this technology, important vocabulary and logistics, its benefits over traditional media, and what the future of public engagement may hold. We'll dive into a case study example of using virtual reality aimed at public engagement and explore how VR facilitated unanimous support for a rezoning effort in Orem, Utah. The course also outlines software and hardware requirements for creating your own virtual reality applications and harnessing this exciting tool. 

In the subsequent courses, we will cover how to create virtual reality ready 3D content using SketchUp and appropriate textures with Photoshop. Finally, we'll tie these components together using Unity and produce a standalone virtual reality application. Lastly, we will cover the logistics and hardware needs of creating an end user experience that both engages and educates users.

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Chase Mullen