Rhode Island Moving Forward - Transportation for the Next 20 Years

APA Rhode Island Chapter


Friday, April 21, 2017
9 a.m. - 1 p.m. EDT

URI 80 Washington St Providence 02903, RI, United States


The State of Rhode Island will host a public event to launch the Long Range Transportation Plan update. The Long Range Transportation Plan is a 20-year action plan that details the transportation investments and policies necessary to grow Rhode Island’s economy and meet the needs of residents, businesses and visitors, now and in the future. At this event, we will describe what transportation projects are currently underway, what our neighboring states are planning, and discuss challenges and trends that affect how we plan for the next two decades. In tandem with the Long Range Transportation Plan, the State is also preparing for its first Bicycle Mobility Plan. This standalone plan will outline investments needed to enhance Rhode Island’s bicycle network, foster active transportation to jobs, schools and recreation, and grow Rhode Island’s bicycle tourism potential. The event will conclude with an introduction to the planning team and the 18-month planning schedule, including public outreach and feedback opportunities.

Governor Raimondo will deliver the opening remarks. This event will feature a panel of speakers addressing topics related to multimodal transportation solutions for changing population, transportation planning efforts going on in our neighboring states, and transportation initiatives taking place in Rhode Island. Come join us and help plan for the state’s transportation infrastructure for the next 20 years and grow the state’s economy.

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Albert Ranaldi, aranaldi@lincolnri.org