Leah Fiasca: The Greater Milwaukee Committee

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Tuesday, November 8, 2016
noon - 1:30 p.m. CST

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Leah Fiasca is a project manager at the Greater Milwaukee Committee (GMC), a non-profit organization that seeks to encourage development in Milwaukee by encouraging innovation and talent, economic prosperity, and vibrancy of place. Leah presented on these three aspects of the GMC mission, contextualizing their importance with respect to Milwaukee’s history (e.g., over the past 30 years, Milwaukee has lost 30,000 jobs.) She then talked about the structure of the GMC, taking us through the process of how opportunities are identified, collective goals are built, strategies decided upon, and a plan is implemented.

Leah went through various programs that the GMC provides with respect to developing talent, including Teachtown, MKE Fellows, and Reimagining High Schools, and highlighted key aspects of how these programs will foster employment opportunities in Milwaukee. She illustrated the success that many of these programs have had, from securing internships to graduating college.


Next, Leah presented on various programs that the GMC provides with respect to encouraging economic prosperity, including Scalerator and Scale Up Milwaukee, and highlighted how these programs encourage revenue growth and the creation of new jobs.


Lastly, Leah presented on various programs that the GMC provides with respect to creating a sense of place, with the goal of ensuring that Milwaukee is a great place to live, work, and play.
Highlights included community platforms and programming, such as the Beerline Trail.



In sum, Leah gave an informative and engaging presentation on the purpose and workings of the GMC. Learning about this non-profit organization and how it supports Milwaukee in a variety of ways was valuable for the planner’s perspective.



Leah Fiasca

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