Community Resilience in the Taunton Watershed (Part 2 of 2) - Middleboro

APA Massachusetts Chapter


Friday, April 21, 2017
9 a.m. - 1 p.m. EDT

Middleboro, MA, United States

CM | 3.50

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NOTE: These credits are for Part 2 only of a 2-day workshop series; Part 1 credits are entered separately. This program will help decision makers, including municipal planners, integrate climate adaptation and green infrastructure approaches into their land use management, development, and restoration efforts. Climate change cuts across many traditional divisions of labor, planning and accountability. To meet that challenge, the program will provide interdisciplinary training and tools that include climate adaptation strategies, green infrastructure practices, and additional resources for implementation work.

The workshops will provide information to participants and encourage active interdisciplinary engagement through four sessions over two days:

Day 2

Session 3:  Presenters will assess local green infrastructure vulnerabilities and assets again within the context of climate change through an interactive mapping session. This will help officials identify potential land use scenarios to build community resilience.

Session 4:   The final session brings everything together to focus on interdisciplinary solution-finding: what strategies have been implemented by others; the benefits of green infrastructure strategies; relationship to land use bylaws and zoning regulations; and using available tools and policies to implement identified strategies. Participants will hear about different types of green infrastructure, successful case studies of their implementation, and their climate adaptation benefits.

At the end of the final session, participants should have identified plausible goals that they can work toward in their communities, further informing their future efforts with the tools we have provided.

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Bill Napolitano

Invited Speaker

Environmental Program Director Bill has worked as a planner in the Taunton River watershed since 1987 and has always maintained a focus on partnerships. Bill has a Master of Arts in Environmental Studies from Norwich University and has received several special recognition awards from his work with local stewardship and ... Read More

Anne Herbst

Invited Speaker

Senior Regional Environmental Planner, Metropolitan Area Planning Council As Conservation Administrator for the Town of Hull, Anne led wetlands permitting, ecological restoration, and climate adaptation projects. Hull’s climate adaptation programs were recognized as a “best practice” by FEMA and the EPA, and received an award from the National Oceanic ... Read More

Heidi Ricci

Invited Speaker

Senior Policy Analyst, Mass Audubon Heidi has decades of experience in land use and environmental planning and policy. She oversees the Shaping the Future of Your Community program, which assists local citizens and officials in building resilient communities through smart, low-impact development and targeted natural resource protection. Ms. Ricci holds ... Read More

Daniel Brown

Invited Speaker

Climate Change Program Coordinator, Mass Audubon Daniel communicates emerging climate science, educational strategies, and policy solutions to a wide range of audiences in order to advance climate literacy and positive climate action. Prior to working with Mass Audubon, he worked as a climatologist at the University of Michigan Climate Center ... Read More

Stefanie Covino

Invited Speaker

Project Coordinator, Shaping the Future of Your Community Program Stefanie has a Masters of Environmental Science and Policy from Clark University and has experience in outreach and public engagement with several groups including the Greater Worcester Land Trust and the New England Water Innovation Network as well as being a ... Read More

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