Pilot to Policy: Implementing Street Design Standard

APA Missouri Chapter


Wednesday, January 17, 2018
11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. CST

St. Louis, MO, United States

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This panel will discuss how a pilot street design became integrated into the St. Louis street design standards. The project involved multiple stakeholders ranging from community members to elected officials. The panelists will highlight the multiple perspectives, design elements, and strategic planning that influenced the project.

Key Questions:

1.       What is the EPA Collaborative Problem Solving Model and how does it lead to changes in the built environment? 

2.       What role did the community play in Trailnet's project? How was the project significantly shaped by community input? 

3.       What role did local government play in Trailnet's project?  Who were other Key players? (SLACO) 


4.       What long-term impact will the project have on the City of St. Louis? --here is where we can talk about deliberately aiming to change design standards and gaining acceptance of traffic calming tools for future projects including our vision.  

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Wendy Campbell

Ms. Wendy Campbell is a Community Activist, volunteer crossing guard and Den Mother to the Cub Scouts at Froebel Literary Academy. She has been a Community champion and liaison with Trailnet for 4 years now and she became the block captain on her block 7 years ago when she found ... Read More

Jacque Lumdsen

Jacque Lumsden is a Marketing Coordinator and Transportation Planner at CBB, a regional leader in the highly specialized fields of traffic engineering and transportation planning in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. Jacque holds a Master of Urban Planning from the University of Kansas, as well as a BS in Journalism ... Read More

Cara Spencer

Cara Spencer serves as the Alderman of the 20th Ward, an area of South St. Louis City just south of Cherokee Street. In her two years on the Board of Aldermen, she sponsored the toughest municipal legislation regulating payday lending in the country and led the initiative to pass it ... Read More

Cindy Mense

Cindy has a 15 year history directing nutritional programs for community health centers, including the undergraduate dietetics program at Saint Louis University. Since 2007, Cindy has been at Trailnet, overseeing multidisciplinary programs and developing partnerships to catalyze healthy and active communities. Her team implements a walk to school programs, develops ... Read More

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