Addressing the Parking Challenge – Smart Parking Planning for Downtown Development

APA Pennsylvania Chapter


Wednesday, April 11, 2018
noon - 1:15 p.m. EDT

CM | 1.25

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Parking, especially structured parking, is often a critical design, density, and financial component of downtown / urban development. Structured parking is often required to achieve the necessary development density for downtown redevelopment projects.  However, the high cost of structured parking and concerns regarding the structure's mass, traffic, and security can often be barriers to successful projects. This webinar will explore the important role that parking planning, design, and financing plays in the redevelopment of downtowns and transit oriented locations.  The presentation will also outline best practices related to financing, designing, right-sizing, and developing parking to support downtown / urban development.


The webinar will discuss the trends taking place today in downtown and urban development and the impact of parking on the design, function, and financial feasibility of these projects.  The presentation will highlight the factors driving downtown development trends, such as increased traffic, sustainability, and the desire for an urban, walkable lifestyle.  Presenters will also speak about the elements required in a successful project, including density; mix of land uses; connectivity; quality urban design; and often structured parking.


The webinar will focus on the key issues regarding the integration of parking in downtown projects, including convenience, safety, right-sizing, good design, and financing. The presentation will also include strategies for successfully incorporating parking into a downtown development.  For example, determining the parking needed, the design, location, and the implementation of shared-parking strategies, are all key considerations for effectively integrating parking within a downtown project.


The webinar will highlight case studies and their successes and challenges.  These case studies will provide a first-hand look at lessons learned from the integration of parking into downtown development.  


Jim Zullo, CAPP, LEED AP

Jim Zullo serves as Vice President of Timothy Haahs & Associates, Inc. (Tim Haahs) New Brunswick, NJ office. Tim Haahs is a multi-disciplined engineering, architecture, and consulting firm that specializes in the planning, design, and restoration of parking and mixed-use structures. Jim also serves as the firm’s section leader for ... Read More

Todd Helmer, PE

Mr. Todd Helmer serves as Vice President for Tim Haahs’ Philadelphia office, leading the office’s operations, project development, financial management, and business development efforts. Tim Haahs is a multi-disciplined engineering and architectural firm that specializes in the planning, design, and restoration of mixed-use parking structures. In addition to serving ... Read More

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