APA Georgia Chapter


Wednesday, July 31, 2019
11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. CDT

Savannah, GA, United States

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A lack of affordable housing impacts our communities' quality of life, economy, and health. Attendees will hear about the housing shortage in Chatham County and case studies that aim to address housing affordability and stability. Opportunities for planning and policy to promote healthy, affordable housing will be highlighted. Details including public-private partnerships, financing, supportive services, and community impacts are included.


Whitney Shepherd

Whitney Shephard, PE, LEED AP, is a Principal Engineer/Planner. She manages diverse projects and serves as technical lead for geographic information systems applications, travel demand modeling, traffic engineering, and public transportation planning. She cofounded Transport Studio in 2013. She has twenty years’ experience in planning and design. Read More

Cindy Kelley

Ms. Kelley has been leading nonprofit organizations since 1996. Her leadership includes organizations ranging in budget size from $300,000 to $10 million. Most of her work has been done in the human services area and includes early childhood education, serving children with special needs, working with homeless families and ... Read More

Bill Gross

Since 1983, the company has completed construction of over 3,000 residential and commercial properties in the 13 counties that comprise Georgia’s coastal region. Most recently, W.H. Gross has completed, or is currently constructing, 239 apartment units across five multi-family communities. He is a member of the Coastal ... Read More

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