Poster: 9/11 Memorial Trail Corridor Feasibility Study (NJ)

The poster is a visual presentation of the various aspects of the route feasibility study. It  includes the raison d’etre’ for the trail, the modes to be considered, the various features and predetermined limits that were taken into account in the development of the various corridor route options, and, the philosophical ideals and practical considerations that ultimately influenced the route selection process. Features mapped that were mapped and included in the consideration of route options included significant sites (Historic Districts and Historic Properties, 9/11/Memorial Sites), Bicycling Trails and Tours, Motoring Routes (Scenic Byways, National Historic Trails, Motorcycling Roads), NJ Transit Routes, Topographical Features and Federal State and County Parks.

The three alignment options, characterized as Alignment A (the Off-Road Option – off-road to the extent possible), Alignment B (the Significant Sites route – maximizing connections to significant sites) and Alternative C (The “Stewardship” Route – prioritizes inclusion of trails that are longer, continuous, maintained and championed by single entities) are displayed as is the selected option(s). An Implementation Matrix, presenting “next step” solutions to existing problematic conditions are presented.

9/11 Memorial Trail Corridor Feasibility Study (NJ)

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