Infrastructure Public Finance 101

You’ll learn about:

  • Financial avenues available to cities to pay for critical projects.
  • Which public finance instruments are helping cities become more sustainable
  • How decisions made in the phases of project planning can impact the avenues and options available projects financing. 
  • The important strategic linkages between planning and finance, underscoring why it is important for planners to understand basic public finance concepts.
  • How public finance is being leveraged to support capital project administration.

To keep pace with the projected growth of urbanization, cities in both the developed and developing world need to invest $3.3 trillion in economic infrastructure annually through 2030, based on a recent McKinsey report. Without a thorough understanding of the full range of public finance instruments used to fund infrastructure, officials and professionals may also lack a true understanding of how planning and financial decisions impact the costs of capital over time. Greater coordination and understanding between the planning and finance arms of local government leads to more fiscally sustainable land use decisions. Gain a “view of the battlefield.” Examine the tools for planning and paying for projects, laying a foundation, building capacities, and establishing a base of knowledge.

Obtain an overview of the scope and magnitude of infrastructure challenges facing cities. Panelists, representing expertise from various disciplines of public finance, will engage in a moderated discussion that elicits an overview of various financing vehicles used by municipalities to pay for capital projects, including: municipal securities; public private partnerships; and other public finance instruments. Next, panelists discuss the challenges municipalities face when leveraging public finance instruments. Topics include, but are not limited to: creditworthiness; presenting “bankable” projects to investors; managing project and deal-based risks to ensure the success over time; and others. See examples of actual projects illustrating these principles. Emerge with a foundation of public finance “basics”, and understand the proper context of the myriad of financing instruments that are available. View the strategic points of intersection between the planning and the public finance function. An introductory session.