Poster: GIS Shadow Analysis for NYC Development

New York City’s skyline has soared to new heights in recent years, with at least a dozen new supertall towers of 1,000 feet or more currently planned or under construction. These changes to the city’s skyline can also have sweeping effects at the ground level. As the city expands upward, direct sunlight exposure becomes an increasingly scarce resource for people and nature. Increased vertical development casts shadows that have the potential to significantly impact open space, historic and cultural resources, and natural areas.

GIS software can be used during the planning phase to analyze the potential for a building’s shadow to create adverse impacts. This exhibit demonstrates how Esri’s ArcMap and ArcScene, CityEngine Web Scenes, and Trimble SketchUp can be combined to generate a detailed shadow analysis based on a proposed structure’s height and location. This technique creates an interactive 3D model that projects the progression of a shadow on four representative days of the year and specific times of each day. Shadow analyses are required for certain development projects and can be an important tool in avoiding negative environmental impacts on sensitive resources.

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