Poster: Planning for the Nighttime Economies

Nighttime economies affect nearly all of us. It's more than just bars and discotheques; restaurants, transit, arts and culture, and tech are some of the fastest growing economic sectors in post-industrial settlements. As developed nations transition from a manufacturing economy to service and knowledge economies, 9 to 5 is becoming a term of the past. As cities transition from manufacturing centres, planners and civic staff should be prepared for the growing number of people who operate after dark. Night Mayors--also sometimes referred to as Night Ambassadors--can help navigate the often-foreign terrain of the nighttime's informal structure.

This poster showcases four case studies that have successfully navigated the realms of planning and policy making for cities after dark. It explores the role of the Night Mayor in Amsterdam, 24 hour transit in London, the economic benefits of actively planning for nighttime economies in Sydney, and how activated public spaces can promote inclusion, accessibility, and safety after dark in Vancouver.