Poster: Storymapping Neighborhood Change

University of Maryland students explored the competing narratives of loss and possibility arising in the H Street Neighborhood. H Street was once a bustling economic corridor of barbershops and beauty salons. However, the area struggled to rebound after the 1968 riots caused extensive destruction. Today, H Street is being redefined by an active restaurant and nightlife scene, leading to tension between those reminiscent of the past and those embracing the economic opportunities of the present. Background research and census data was examined, but the research was driven by oral history and cognitive mapping from past and current residents, visitors, and business owners. This data was aggregated into a GIS Story Map that can be utilized as a tool for the community to document the community’s continuous story. The map narrates the physical and demographic changes in the neighborhood and gives voice to community experiences, memories, attachments, and hopes for the area. This poster will highlight the story map of the neighborhood, outline the process for capturing the stories, and explain the competing narratives that emerged. Story maps allow for photographs, interview excerpts, and GIS map data to coexist, showcasing the intricacies of the H Street neighborhood to reveal its past, present, and future.