Comparison of Minimum Parking Requirements in Asian & American cities

This poster shows a lack of literature on minimum parking requirements in Asian and American cities. Parking conditions, regulations and issues are different in these cities. Explore the comparison of parking requirements between them, which includes commercial parking requirements, apartment parking requirements, exempt parking requirements, adjusted parking requirements, types of parking requirements and so on. Finally based on all the comparisons, pointed out that Japan has the best parking requirements and managements, conversely Houston has the worst parking requirements and managements. Because minimum parking is not perfect so government and public should base on their city conditions to modify parking requirements which would be the best for their cities.


. Focus:

This poster will offer a worldwide comparative perception of minimum parking requirements in Asian cities and American cities. The eleven cities in this study are:

• East Asia: Beijing and Hong Kong in the People’s Republic of China; Seoul in the Republic of Korea; and Tokyo in Japan.

• South Asia: Ahmedabad in India

• Southeast Asia: Bangkok in Thailand, and Singapore.

• America: New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, Portland and Washington

This study mainly focus on two groups of cities in Asia and America, they spread all over Asia and America. By comparing these eleven cities, this study provides a general vision of parking policies in these cities and brings a basic view of how difference do these cities have in minimum parking regulations, at least in large cities.

It is also should be notified that, this study does not only pay attention to the central business area, but also cover the outer area, so technically focus on the entire metropolitan area. Compared to other area, the city center has more restrictions in parking, but this paper looks well beyond them.

B. Methods

Seeking policy documents and previous studies is the major method I use.

Searching for the documents especially ordinances and codes and regulations in each city. These documents varied from city to city including unique backgrounds of every city has their which explains the reason why they set their parking regulations in these ways; parking regulations, Asian cities and American cities use different measure system; the strategy management, the zoning codes, transit proximity and development, the city recorder and the council ordinance, the on street parking and off street parking issue.