Exploring Latino Placemaking in Washington Heights

You'll learn about:

  • How an immigrant community addresses issues of environmental justice, gentrification and cultural tourism
  • Immigrant business networks and an incubator for street vendors
  • The history of immigration and immigrant placemaking, especially among Dominicans and Latinos from other nationalities.
  • Issues related to high volumes of automobile and bus circulation in a dense urban environment.

Washington Heights is a classic ‘port of entry’ neighborhood that is becoming a social and political center for the fast-growing Latino community in New York. Traditionally working class, with pockets of poverty, Washington Heights faces issues of environmental justice, workforce development, and social integration. Today, like many immigrant communities, Washington Heights is facing the challenges of gentrification. Explore this neighborhood and how community, local economic development and planning organizations have addressed these issues. If you’re a theater fan, the neighborhood might sound familiar. It’s the setting for “In the Heights.”