Great Places Plaque Mounting Options

Franklin Bronze Plaques offers three different mounting options for the Great Places in America bronze plaques.

Option 1: Stud Mount

Threaded studs secured with adhesive for masonry surfaces. Mounted directly against a wall, concrete base, pedestal, or other flat level surface. Back of the plaque is drilled and tapped to accept four, three-inch mounting studs (supplied with plaque).

Stud mount diagram

Stud mounting option

sidewalk mount

Sidewalk stud mount

wall mount

Wall stud mount

Pedestal mount

Pedestal stud mount

Option 2: Raised Stud Mount

Similar to stud mount except plaque is secured one-half to 1 inch from a wall, concrete base, pedestal, or other flat, level surface.

This option requires the use of a spacer or backing material (pressure-treated wood, MDO, or other weather-resistant material; not included with bronze plaque).

The back of the plaque has mounting bosses that are drilled and tapped to accept four 3-inch mounting studs (supplied).

Raised Stud Mounting Option

Raised stud mounting option

Back side bosses

Back side of plaque showing mounting bosses used for both the regular and raised stud mounting bolts

Option 3: Post Mount at 45- or 90-degree angle

Mounted with an attached bracket to a single powder-coated post.

Posts are made from 1.5-inch square aluminum stock and are either six or eight feet long. The post is designed to be anchored in cement two feet below ground to avoid movement due to frost heave.

The plaque is bolted to the top of the post at either a 45- or 90-degree angle with tamper-proof hardware (supplied with plaque).

Plaque height above ground is either 4 feet (using 6-foot post) or 6 feet (using 8-foot post).

Additional charge applies to plaques using free-standing mounting post.

Post mount


90 degree post-mounted bracket at left and 45 degree post-mounted bracket at right

Back side post mount

Back side of the plaque bracket for a post mount

45 degree post-mounted bracket

45 degree post-mounted bracket, showing 6-foot post

90 degree post mounted bracket

90 degree post-mounted bracket, showing 8-foot post