APA Interact May 26, 2021

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May 26, 2021
Outdated zoning laws are negatively impacting communities by driving up the cost of housing and reinforcing segregation. APA supports zoning reform to ensure communities can provide residents with greater housing choice at lower costs. See how planners, APA, and our partners are working to advance zoning reform at all levels — federal legislative action, statewide reforms, and local action such as Charlotte, North Carolina's city council upholding changes to its single-family zoning within its comprehensive plan.
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PLUS: A Housing Needs Assessment helps to achieve a better understanding of how local housing stock meets the demands of current and future residents in terms of quality, affordability, and suitability. Get the resources you need to conduct a HNA through this Research KnowledgeBase collection.
Strengthening planners' ethical foundation

The AICP Code of Ethics is an AICP member's superpower — providing planners with guidance and support when making controversial or difficult decisions. The Code must reflect the values of today's planners and communities, and is being updated with an emphasis on social equity. Join a Town Hall webinar June 9, 1 – 2 p.m. ET to learn more and join the discussion. APA and AICP members are invited to submit your comments now through June 30.
Member Voices
"Ethics is crucial and critical for our work"
– An NPC21 attendee shares why the Ethics and Law sessions were among her favorites, and why ethics is so important in planners' work.
New from Planning
Failures of the built environment to accommodate everyone

One in four people will experience a disability during their lifetime. As the U.S. prepares to dedicate billions in funding for infrastructure, Steve Wright, an inclusive mobility expert, calls for a renewed focus on universal design education to empower planners. He writes that spaces should be welcoming to people of all ages and abilities, including those with mobility, hearing, visual, and cognitive disabilities. Read how universal design is more than just achieving Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance in this Planning viewpoint.
Uncovering JAPA
Prioritizing public in public utilities

Performance benchmarking in public water and sanitation services may only feign efficiency and efficacy in many low– and middle-income countries, according to viewpoint authors Gabriella Y. Carolini and Prassanna Raman. In this Uncovering JAPA blog, the authors call for disaggregate benchmarking to ensure the lowest income communities have access to quality services.
Scholarship deadline June 14

Apply for one of three available APA Foundation scholarships through June 14. APA Foundation scholarships aim to make the planning profession more accessible to individuals with limited means and to attract diverse, talented students to the planning profession.
Director of Community Development & Public Works
Town of Rocky Hill
Rocky Hill, CT
Transportation Planning Project Manager
Rybinski Engineering
Kennett Square, PA
Economic Development Manager
City of Cupertino
Cupertino, CA
Comprehensive Plan
Harvey County
Newton, KS
Transit Planning Studies
Knoxville-Knox County Planning
Knoxville, TN
Comprehensive Zone Code Update
City of Moses Lake
Moses Lake, WA

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