APA Interact September 15, 2021

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September 15, 2021
Planning mandates and consistency requirements can impact opportunities and potential for zoning reform. What are the requirements in your state? Get the background you need through the Planning and Zoning Enabling Laws KnowledgeBase Collection. Find links to core planning and zoning statutes for each state, and filter by various geographic and demographic characteristics.
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RELATED: What is preemption? How can it impact a local community's zoning reform efforts? Get the basics on preemption and what it means for your work in this Legal Lesson from Planning magazine.
Six bills, one goal

Zoning reform is far from a one-size-fits-all strategy. See the various legislative efforts, from multi-family housing to ADUs, that the Connecticut legislature explored this term. The Connecticut Chapter of APA and planning advocates were instrumental in passing the zoning enabling act this summer.
Hispanic Heritage Month
Hispanic, Latino, Latinx

Planners must understand the culture, language, and complex identities of their constituents — and the words used to identify them. Learn more about the terms used to refer to people of Latin American and Spanish-speaking backgrounds — and which to use — in this Journal of the American Planning Association article.
Policy and Advocacy Conference
September 29-30

Zoning reform at #APAPolicy21

Exclusionary and outdated zoning-related regulations hamper planners' efforts to manage housing challenges in their communities. At the Policy and Advocacy Conference, you'll learn about the economic, political, and social trends around zoning reform, and how you can advance change in your community.

NEW: The conference platform has arrived! Check out the full schedule and register today!
APA hires new CFOO

Alejandro (Alex) Fuentes will join APA as the new Chief Financial and Operating Officer on October 18. He has over 20 years of diverse leadership and management experience helping organizations grow sustainably and create greater impact for customers and stakeholders. Welcome!

"Who are These People and Why are They Yelling at Me? The art and science of managing large angry public meetings"
Who are These People and Why are They Yelling at Me? The art and science of managing large angry public meetings" is essential reading for officials who aspire to achieve public dialogue. The text book includes step by step methods for designing effective public engagement and facilitating meetings. It also gives real world experience on how to manage potential unruly public behaviour. The author has facilitated over 1,600 public meetings.
September 21-22: "Climate Adaptation Planning for Emergency Management" training hosted by the APA International Division and delivered by the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center, a DHS/FEMA training partner. Space is limited, use registration code 67319. CM

September 23: Register for "The Future of Planning Compliance Review" Webinar, 12 p.m. CT. Sponsored by Symbium.

September 23: Practitioner's Roundtable "Fire & Water: Extreme Weather Trends and Community Infrastructure" webinar hosted by the APA Sustainable Communities Division. CM

County Forecasts to 2050
Woods & Poole Economics, Inc., in Washington D.C., has produced detailed county employment, income, and population projections since 1983. Historical data from 1970 and annual projections to 2050 of more than 900 variables for all states, counties and CBSAs. Learn more
Assistant/Associate Planner
City of South Lake Tahoe
South Lake Tahoe, CA
Comprehensive Plan Update
City of Oak Grove
Oak Grove, MO
Aquifer Protection Plan Update
City of Laramie & Albany County
Laramie, WY
Master Plan
Tisbury Planning Board
Tisbury, MA

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