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April 27, 2022
Comprising 22 percent of the U.S. population, those under 18 can often be left out of the planning process even though they are directly impacted, and often can provide some of the best feedback. Get six tips for creating youth-focused engagement for your planning efforts — from crafting approachable messages to embracing digital platforms — in this Planning article.
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MORE AT NPC22: Get inspired on planning with intention for inclusion and equity at NPC22. Join us "All In" in San Diego, April 30–May 3, or online only May 18–20.
Giving back to San Diego

As planners across the country come together for NPC22 in San Diego, APA is offering several opportunities for attendees to help give back to our host city. Join us in supporting the vibrant San Diego community by putting professional planning values into action.
Sign Regulations
SCOTUS validates sign regulations

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a sign regulatory technique that has been in use for nearly 100 years. The court ruled that the City of Austin's off-premises sign regulations were permissible under the First Amendment. The decision aligns with the amicus brief APA filed in the case, urging the court to adopt clear rules for billboard regulations. Read more about the decision.
Your View
Value of planning in your community

What is the value of planning? Share your views on the unique impact of planning in your community, the role of planners, as well as your experiences working with local elected and appointed officials in this anonymous member survey. Open through Friday, May 13.
Addressing issues of power

Peter Marcuse, who passed in March, was an early advocate of equity and ethics in the planning profession. In his 1976 article for the Journal of the American Institute of Planners (the precursor to JAPA), Marcuse called for the ethics code to "broaden decision making beyond the presently powerful." Over the past half century, the AICP Code of Ethics has evolved, and the most recent update further strengthens the roles and responsibilities of planners to be proponents of equity and inclusion.
April 29: Registration closes for the spring AICP Certification cycle to take the May AICP Certification Exam.

April 30: Have you experienced barriers to digital technology in your work? Share your experience on digital disruption by completing this survey from members of the Global Planners Network, of which APA is a member.

April 30–May 3: Join us in San Diego for NPC22 All-In in San Diego. CM

May 5: Free Solar@Scale webinar on assisting large-scale solar development. CM

May 16: Candidate self-nominations are due for APA Chapters, Divisions, and the Student Representatives Council.

May 18–20: Join us for NPC22 online. CM

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