APA Interact July 27, 2022

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July 27, 2022
Navigating change and uncertainty is an integral part of the work planners do. To stay ahead of the curve, planners are constantly called on to learn new skills and adapt to the changing needs of our communities. What skills are needed now, and in the future? APA will help move you from reacting to the present to excelling in dynamic environments through its organization-wide Upskilling initiative. Learn more about the plans to upskill the planning profession.
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RELATED: APA Foresight is working to help you navigate change and prepare for an uncertain future.
Five ways to improve your management skills

Get five tips on upgrading your management skills to retain high-quality employees for the in-person workplace, remote work, or somewhere in-between. Dive deeper into growing your managerial skills through the Planning Supervisor's Playbook Series. The three-part, interactive course starts July 28!
Congratulations to May 2022 examinees

543 members passed the May AICP Certification Exam. As part of the new One Path to AICP Certification, all members who pass the AICP exam may use the AICP Candidate designation and earn the full AICP credential upon completion of the experience requirements.

Join us in congratulating these new AICP and AICP Candidate members!
Are you eligible?

It's time to advance your career. The One Path to AICP Certification offers APA members a streamlined, three-step process to become AICP certified. Use the AICP Eligibility Pre-Check Resources to self-assess and prepare for each step on the path to earning your AICP Certification.

Download Esri's Planning Guide
Learn the five key steps that planners and administrators can take to effectively address homelessness and housing affordability. ArcGIS provides the tools to make better, more justifiable decisions for housing policy development. Download the eBook to discover what ArcGIS can do for your community.
NOW–July 29: Submit your experience assessment for AICP Certification pre-check resources to prepare your submittal.

July 28: Hone your managerial skills in the new Planning Supervisor's Playbook Series. CM

Harness the power of data to help protect our communities
There are infinite data points all around us. Data points from connected vehicles, connected to the people who drive them, and the communities they live in. GM Future Roads has partnered with INRIX to create Safety View — a cloud-based solution that helps turn these data points into saved lives. Learn how Safety View can help.
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