APA Interact June 1, 2022

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June 1, 2022
Despite 18 million residents calling them home, mobile home parks (MHPs) are still poorly understood in planning research and practice. A comprehensive study from the Journal of the American Planning Association finds that MHPs are an important component of regional housing systems but tend to be concentrated in areas with significant environmental hazards. Learn what actions should be taken to protect MHP residents from future flood events.
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Building missing middle housing

Communities like Memphis are looking beyond use zoning to advance goals of housing equity by reforming codes and policies. Learn how accessory use standards, dimensional standards, and building codes can affect opportunities to build missing middle housing in this issue of Zoning Practice.
Updating your zoning code

Get access to policy guidance, model codes, and local regulations resources to help lead successful zoning and code reform efforts in your community. The Zoning Reform and Code Writing Research KnowledgeBase Collection curates the information you'll need, which can be filtered by resource type and various demographic and geographic characteristics.
Mitigating potential negative preservation outcomes

What impact does a historic district designation have on the demographic, socioeconomic, and housing characteristics of a community? Learn about three considerations you should factor in to help protect queer spaces and mitigate the potential negative effects of gentrification.
June 7: Leverage community partnerships to encourage greater physical activity webinar by America Walks featuring APA Researchers Sagar Shah, PhD, AICP, and Jo Peña, AICP.

June 10: Learn how to effectively target federal community development financing for sustainable infrastructure investments in this webinar hosted by APA's Sustainable Communities Division. CM

June 29: Gain actionable steps that can be taken to co-create and co-facilitate transformative change in this Learning Circle. Free. CM
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