Landing Your Next Job

Network with other members and employers by sharing your profile and adding your resume to it. Also, consult these resources:

Resumes 101

More than ever, your resume is the key to successful employment and career advancement. Failing to craft one that achieves this is not an option.

Building an Online Brand

Just as corporations carefully craft and manage their brands, so must you if you wish to grow your career in this digital and information age.

Preparing for and Succeeding in the Interview

There are a number of key steps related to preparing for an interview, going through the interview, and what to do after the interview.

Networking and Positioning Yourself to Get Hired

Having a strong personal and professional network is often the factor that allows individuals to remain nearly consistently employed and have access to the most desired opportunities.

Certification and Licensing

Certified planners carry a high mark of distinction because they are required to meet rigorous standards, maintain their expertise through continuing education, and be committed to community interests.