Addison, TX, Code of Ordinances

Updated June 2019


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Form-Based Zoning

The town’s code of ordinances includes a floating form-based zoning district for its Belt Line Corridor (Appendix A §XIX.A.1 et al.). The regulating plan for this district includes four sub-districts with different permissible form standards and land uses and four street types with different build-to lines and streetscaping requirements. Districts standards address purpose, goals, and intent; definitions; general standards; buildings; parking; streetscape, lighting, and mechanical; landscape requirements; and procedures.

solar energy

The city's code of ordinances states that in order to prevent uncontrolled proliferation, solar energy systems require a building permit. It sets location, screening, and color standards for ground-mounted systems; it sets height and location standards for roof-mounted systems. Owners may appeal in case of unnecessary hardship (§. 18-726 et seq.).

Addison, TX

2010 Population: 13,056

2010 Population Density: 2,981.50/square mile