GO TO 2040 Chicago Regional Comprehensive Plan


By: Chicago Metro Agency for Planning


Food Systems

The Chicago region’s comprehensive plan’s theme of Liveable Communities offers four recommendations, including "promote sustainable local food." This section of the plan addresses production of food in the region as well as people's ability to access affordable, nutritious fresh food. It describes the quality of life, economic, and environmental benefits of local foods; describes current conditions and offers several indicators for food production and access; explores recommendations for facilitating food production, increasing access, and raising awareness; lists implementation action items; and discusses funding. 

Chicago, IL

2010 Population: 2,695,598

2010 Population Density: 11,841.76/square mile

Cook, IL

2010 Population: 5,194,675

2010 Population Density: 5,495.11/square mile

DuPage, IL

2010 Population: 916,924

2010 Population Density: 2,799.78/square mile

Kane, IL

2010 Population: 515,269

2010 Population Density: 990.79/square mile

Kendall, IL

2010 Population: 114,736

2010 Population Density: 358.18/square mile

Lake, IL

2010 Population: 703,462

2010 Population Density: 1,585.55/square mile

McHenry, IL

2010 Population: 308,760

2010 Population Density: 511.89/square mile

Will, IL

2010 Population: 677,560

2010 Population Density: 809.60/square mile