Gulf Regional Planning Commission Scenario Planning Report

FHWA-HEP-16-081, March 2016

By: FHWA, Office of Planning, Rachel McBrien

Scenario Planning

This report summarizes noteworthy practices shared during a scenario planning workshop, hosted by the Gulf Regional Planning Commission. Individual sections address scenario planning perspectives, peer approaches, and discussions.

Biloxi, MS

2010 Population: 44,054

2010 Population Density: 1,152.70/square mile

Hancock, MS

2010 Population: 43,929

2010 Population Density: 92.73/square mile

Harrison, MS

2010 Population: 187,105

2010 Population Density: 325.97/square mile

Jackson, MS

2010 Population: 139,668

2010 Population Density: 193.24/square mile