Planning and Urban Water Management

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CM | 1.25

What You'll Learn

  • Why it is important to coordinate land-use planning with water management.
  • The "typical" amount of coordination occurring right now across America.
  • Best practices and the successes of other communities.
  • Tools and strategies to promote integration.

More Course Details

Researchers from the University of Arizona, Brendle Group, and Western Resource Advocates explored the connections between land-use planning and water management in two research projects supported by Water Environment and Reuse Foundation and Water Research Foundation. This session presents the results of both projects.

Learn why integrating land-use planning and urban water management is required to implement many innovative water strategies and discover the best tools and strategies to promote integration. Hear about the results of two research instruments — a questionnaire that surveyed water managers regarding collaborative efforts with planners and APA's Water Working Group 2016 survey of association members.

Case studies from both research projects examine specific instances of integration and coordination, such as coordinating building and plumbing codes with greywater reuse. Cases where integration opportunities were missed or simply did not occur are also shared.