Survey of State Land-Use and Natural Hazards Planning Laws

Project Overview

The American Planning Association is improving upon past efforts to survey state land-use and natural hazard planning laws.

From 2002 to 2010, APA maintained a comparative database of state planning legislation that included map data, identification codes, and relevant updates in respect to specific criteria. A reevaluation of this project will expound upon existing criteria by incorporating the following inquiries into the survey:

  • Legislation or programs that encourage or require the incorporation of hazard planning principles into plans
  • Legislation or programs that encourage or require that plans address climate change/climate science in some way; e.g. plans that acknowledge the consequences of climate adaptation or exacerbation of existing hazards
  • Legislation or programs aimed at assessing or enhancing the hazard resiliency of local communities
  • States that enforce exemplary building code standards that go above and beyond minimum standards in response to flood or wind hazards
  • Legislation or programs that instate floodplain management laws; e.g., "No Adverse Impact" policies which disallow the development actions of a single property owner to increase the flood damage risk to another

The project will culminate in a published legislative survey report as well as an annual update.