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Healthy Community Design Toolkit

How do you talk about the health impacts of planning? How do you link issues like land use, transportation, and housing to health, and include community input at the same time?

This toolkit can help planners, public health professionals, and the general public include health in the community planning process.

Developed in partnership between the American Planning Association's Planning and Community Health Research Center and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Healthy Community Design Initiative, the toolkit is composed of four elements that work together to achieve this goal:

CDC Resources

Healthy Community Design Checklist

The Healthy Community Design Checklist is a handout for residents to use during public meetings or other gatherings where decisions are being made about land use. The checklist is a quick way to educate residents about healthy community design and to help them consider health during land use discussions. The checklist covers the following topics: Active Living, Food Choices, Transportation Choices, Public Safety, Social Cohesion, Social Equity, and Environmental Health.

Healthy Community Design PowerPoint Presentation

The PowerPoint Presentation supports the checklist by explaining to residents how community design can affect health and how to use the checklist during land use discussions. For best results, give the presentation to introduce the checklist. The presentation is customizable and is most effective when it includes health data on the residents' community. Sources of Health Data, below, allows you to customize the presentation.

Creating a Health Profile of Your Neighborhood

Creating a Health Profile of Your Neighborhood helps you find health data on your community and develop a health "snapshot" of your community. The data, useful for educating and promoting awareness of the health issues that most affect your community, can also help identify the most urgent health issues.

Planning for Health Resources Guide

The Planning for Health Resources Guide gives resources for each of the above mentioned topics covered in the Healthy Community Design Checklist.