Planners Are Everywhere

Planners work in every state and around the world. They work in rural areas, suburban areas, and large cities.

They function in the public sector within federal, state, and local governments. They also work in nonprofits and within the private sector in real estate development companies and planning or multi-disciplinary consulting firms. Click here for selected geographic and employment-sector data from the APA/AICP Salary Survey.

Planning in Context

To see the variety of contexts within which planners work, visit the websites of APA's divisions. You'll learn about transportation planning, urban design, planning law, and many other arenas of planning.

APA Across the Nation

APA has 46 chapters that represent every state in the U.S. Chapter websites provide information on planning at the state or regional level.

Planning in Other Countries

Planning is an international profession and practice. Many countries have a long history of community planning and have professional institutes similar to the American Planning Association and its institute, AICP.