Changes Coming to PAS in 2017

Starting January 1, all digital publications from PAS — APA’s flagship research brand — will be free to all APA members. This includes complete access to current and archived publications that historically have been available only by subscribing to PAS.

For current APA members, it’s a terrific new benefit. For some nonmembers, joining APA becomes a cost-effective option. For others, APA is introducing a new PAS subscription at one affordable rate.

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PAS subscribers get customized research on demand from the Inquiry Answer Service research team. View your PAS Inquiry Dashboard.

The Answers You Need, When You Need Them

The Inquiry Answer Service gives PAS subscribers access to more than six decades of plans, ordinances, and reports — plus journals, books, and the accumulated wisdom of APA's research staff. We have one of the most comprehensive collections of planning information anywhere and a staff who will sift through it to find just what you need to make the right recommendations for your community. There's no limit to how many inquiry requests you or your colleagues can place, so let PAS go to work for you today!

"The research was thorough, and the turnaround time was incredible!"
— Geoff Milz, AICP, Colerain Township, Ohio

Using the PAS Inquiry Answer Service 

If your organization is a PAS subscriber, log into APA's website and view your PAS Inquiry Dashboard. Want to discuss your request before submitting, or can't access the website? Contact PAS by phone (312-431-9100) or email.

From your PAS Inquiry Dashboard, click "Start a New Inquiry" to begin placing your request. Once you've submitted, you should receive a confirmation email. Our researchers will usually answer your question in a few days. Need it sooner? Let us know and we'll work to meet your deadlines.

Once the PAS team has completed your inquiry response, you will receive an email letting you know it is ready for you to view through your PAS Inquiry Dashboard. Your inquiry response will summarize research findings and give you a list of annotated links to online resources. After you have reviewed the response we've sent, you may have additional questions about your inquiry. Feel free to email or call us; we'll be happy to respond.


If your organization isn't a PAS subscriber, you can place a nonsubscriber research request for a flat fee of $150 ($50 extra for 1- to 2-day rush service).

"The information provided by the PAS research team was detailed and thorough. And the response time was very fast."
— Aimee Nassif, AICP, City of Chesterfield, Missouri

You Asked. We Answered.

The Inquiry Answer Service fields hundreds of queries a month. See this month's featured question and past Q & A.

Tips for Good Results

To get the best results from your research request, be brief, be clear, and provide some context. For example:


"Could you please send me any information you have on joint use of public facilities?"

Is this a request for information on using a public facility such as a school or library for other purposes after hours? Or sharing a public facility between two jurisdictions?


"We have a request from a neighborhood organization to use one the local school buildings after hours. Could you please send me any information you have on joint use of public facilities?"


"I am looking for information on tractor-trailer truck parking regulations."

Is the subscriber looking to regulate semi-trailer parking in commercial or residential areas? Is overnight parking a problem?


"Our community is having a problem with tractor-trailer trucks parking in residential areas overnight. Can you please send me information and sample regulations to deal with this situation?"


Contact the research team.

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