Planner Profiles

Planner Profiles is a series of stories from APA members on how they got where they are — sharing their career path, experience, and thought leadership. Planners explore their education, who influenced them, and APA's role in helping set them on course to their current position.

Planner Profiles help you see yourself in the variety of occupations that employ planners in the public and private sectors and in jobs that don’t have planner in the title.

Be inspired, take direction, and make the next step.

Environmental Planner

"My Career Doing Research on Wetland Policy and Science"
Marla Stelk

Director of Planning and Sustainability

"The 30-Year Journey of a Sustainability Professional"
Wayne Feiden, FAICP

Neighborhood Development

"My Career with the U.S. Green Building Council"
Casey Studhalter

Careers in Federal Planning

Four federal planners discuss their very different career paths and talk about opportunities in federal planning.

Founder of a Private Firm

"My Career as a Small Business Owner"
Courtney Kashima, AICP

International Urban Planning and Development Consultant

"My Career as a Researcher on West African Cities"
Victoria Okoye

Economic Development Specialist

"My Career as a Planner in Economic Development"
Marissa Garnett, AICP, Economic Development Specialist, City of Mesa, Arizona

Food Systems Planning

Members of the APA Food Systems Planning Interest Group (FIG) conducted interviews with a wide variety of practicing planners engaged in some aspect of food planning or policy.

Smart Growth Advocate

"My Career Journey as a Planner"
Hugh Morris, AICP, LEED, Smart Growth Advocate for the National Association of Realtors

Healthy Communities Planner

"My Career Journey as a Planner"
Miguel A. Vazquez, AICP, Healthy Communities Planner for Riverside University Health System-Public Health in California