True Urbanism

Living In and Near the Center

By Mark Hinshaw, FAICP

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Mark Hinshaw has a proposition for Americans: Come out of the bunker, throw open the gates, and meet the neighborhood.

In this passionate appeal, he introduces those who have already done just that and explains what cities can do to make true urbanism possible. He rejoices in the growing number of people rejecting sterile, paint-by-numbers subdivisions in favor of vibrant and unpredictable urban neighborhoods.

This vivid account of cities small and large emerging from the cobwebs of late 20th century development will show communities with lingering antiurban tendencies how to embrace density as destiny.

A must-read urban design book for anyone who cares about cities.

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March 31, 2007
APA Planners Press

Table of Contents

Preface: The Case for True Urbanism
Demography, Density, and Diversity
Different Cultures, Different Values
Constant Change, Many Choices
Commerce, Culture, and Quirkiness
Streets as Public Living Rooms
Urbanism and Active Living
Density and Children
Public-Sector Investment, Private-Sector Response
Re-Forming Regulations
New Imperatives for a New Era
Appendix: Selected Case Studies


"Great cities and neighborhoods packed with people evoke our social side; arguably they make us fully human. Mark Hinshaw describes and celebrates some of the best-vibrant, glamorous, workaday, or gritty places, teeming with people and interest. True Urbanism is a lively assortment of such places, including strong new entries in America's once wild and rural West."

—Neal Peirce, Syndicated Columnist and Chairman of the Citistates Group