The Right to Transportation

Moving to Equity

By Thomas Sanchez, Marc Brenman, Jacinta Ma, Richard Stolz

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Does transportation affect the lives of minority, low-income, elderly, and physically disabled citizens? The answer is yes — and those effects can be profound, according to The Right to Transportation. The authors argue that transportation policies can limit access to education, jobs, and services for some individuals while undermining the economy and social cohesion of entire communities. Policies that have nurtured the U.S. highway system and let public transportation wither have also led to ghettos and social isolation.

More and more communities are recognizing the problem. This book explains the strategies and policies that can address inequities in the nation's transportation and transportation planning systems so that the benefits and burdens of those systems can be shared equally across all communities.

With a close examination of how transportation policies affect individuals and communities, the book is a guide to transportation fairness. It explains the demographic trends, historical events, and current policies that have shaped transportation in the U.S. and offers recommendations for moving to equity.

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Jan. 15, 2008
APA Planners Press

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
What Is Transportation Equity?

Chapter 2. Demographic Realities
Factors of Change
Metropolitan Income Inequalities
Development Patterns

Chapter 3. Transportation Costs and Inequities
Household Transportation Costs
Transportation Policy Favors Higher Income Public Transit Riders
Road Tolls
Metropolitan Planning Organizations and Disparities in Federal Funding
Economic Impact of Transportation Policy on Low-Income and Minority Households

Chapter 4. The Indirect Economic and Social Effects of Transportation Policies
Spatial Mismatch
Transportation Policies and Access to Housing
Transportation Policies and Health Effects

Chapter 5. Transportation Policy and Equity in the United States
Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
The Department of Transportation’s Enforcement of Civil Rights
Legislation and Executive Orders
Equity and the Courts

Chapter 6. Extending Transportation Equity
Native Americans and Transportation Equity
Language Barriers
Racial Profiling
Unequal Access to Transportation Construction Opportunities

Chapter 7. Disability, Aging, and Transportation Equity
Principles of Transportation Equity for People with Disabilities
Coordination of Federal Agency Efforts on Human Services Access
Other Transportation Barriers Confronting People with Disabilities

Chapter 8. Conclusions
Terrorism and Natural Disasters
The Future of Transportation: Where Does Equity Fit?